The Best Smart Plug for Home Assistant | KAUF Smart Plug Review

Enter the world of smart home automation with our review of the KAUF Power Monitoring Smart Plug, based on ESPHome. Find out if this is the smart plug you should adding to your Home Assistant setup. We'll cover everything from unboxing to real-world testing, including integration with Home Assistant and performance assessments.

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0:00 - Intro
0:29 - Home Assistant
0:49 - Smart Plugs
1:22 - KAUF Smart Plug
1:52 - Unboxing
1:47 - User Guide
3:16 - Exterior Design
3:52 - Ground Pin Note
4:11 - Initial Setup
4:37 - Home Assistant Integration
4:53 - Feature Overview
5:42 - Firmware Update
7:08 - Updated UI
7:24 - Home Assistant Functionality
7:54 - Power Monitoring
8:42 - Final Thoughts


Stock footage provided by Freepik via Videvo.

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