Installation + First Impressions: Wyze Sprinkler

Today we’re going to take a look at the Wyze Sprinkler – an 8-zone sprinkler controller with Wifi connectivity for smart control via the Wyze mobile app, priced at $49.99.

The smart sprinkler industry has several other players, including Rachio, Rainmachine, and many others. Many of them offer similar features, such as weather-based scheduling, to avoid watering your grass when it’s about to rain. But many of those are quite pricey – the 8-zone Rachio 3, for instance, costs $230. The Wyze MO is to offer low-cost alternatives, and the same is true here.

Note that Wyze has separated the weather forecasting functionality into a separate Sprinkler Plus subscription, which is $10 a year. One year is included with purchase.

Watch our unboxing + installation video – here we unbox the Wyze Sprinkler and install it, replacing an old Hydro Saver 7-channel sprinkler controller made by Hydro Electronics:

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