Windows Mobile 6.1 now running as app on Windows Phone 7

A YouTube video posted by the Dark Force Team (DFT), a well-known smartphone hacking group, shows Windows Mobile 6.1 running within WML — some sort of emulator — on an HTC Windows Phone 7.5 handset.  The old OS shows up just like an app, so you can use Windows Phone 7’s task switcher to switch away from it and instantly resume later.  The emulator features on-screen buttons that simulate hardware buttons for Windows Mobile.

Despite WML being at an early stage of development, with no technical details provided, Windows Mobile seems to perform quite well in it — even games and full-screen movie playback work seamlessly.  If DFT can give the emulator full functionality (like networking support), it could become very useful for anyone who wants to use legacy Windows Mobile apps — or just wants a stroll down memory lane.

No word on when WML will be available to download, but DFT says a version that includes the more touch-friendly Windows Mobile 6.5 is in the works.

Video after the break.

Source: dwangDFT (YouTube)

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