Cella Energy claims hydrogen breakthrough, $1.50/gallon synthetic fuel

Hydrogen-powered cars were once considered the future of transportation– a title seemingly now usurped by battery electric vehicles.  But hydrogen may be back, thanks to Cella Energy, whose system dispenses of the usual approach– big tanks of pressurized gas feeding into fuel cells emitting electrons and water.  Cella has developed a way of storing H2 gas inside microfibers, but more importantly, also in microbeads.

The hydrogen-infused microbeads, in a liquid suspension, form a synthetic fuel that can actually be burned in an internal combustion engine without modification.  Best of all, Cella says its fuel could be sold for just $1.50 per gallon when ready for commercial production.  No word on when that will be, though.

Via: GizMag
Source: Cella Energy

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