iPhone 4 screen smashed in first drop test

Apple’s new iPhone 4 isn’t even on sale yet, but it’s already been put through a series of drop tests.  iPhone repair site iFixyouri managed to get an iPhone 4 (minus the motherboard inside) and dropped it from pocket height (3.5 feet).  The good news?  It survived two drops.  The bad news?  On the third fall, a loud popping sound was heard, and the phone’s glass front was smashed to bits.

iFixyouri comments that the new phone’s construction – essentially two pieces of glass with aluminum sandwiched in between – made it particularly vulnerable compared to earlier iPhones, which had a slightly recessed glass screen surrounded by a chrome bezel.

Source: iFixyouri

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3 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Its glass WTF you expect?

  2. Jordan says:

    Yeah seriously, it's not forged steel with aluminum sandwiched in between, it's glass. if you drop glass over and over again, it will break. come on people. Stop dropping your damn phones, or simply put a case on it. Now granted i've dropped my phone before, people make mistakes, but you can't be like "OMG APPLE SUCKS BECAUSE THEY CAN'T REINVENT GLASS THAT WILL NOT BREAK".. you have to take responsibilty for your actions.

    • Don says:

      Are you sure you're not Steve Jobs?? Any other touchscreen device that I have ever used is not as fragile as this device. EVEN THE 3GS!

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