Second iPhone prototype leaked: A4 processor confirmed, design slightly refined

As if one prototype of Apple’s upcoming fourth-generation iPhone being left in a bar and delivered to a tech blog weren’t enough, a second prototype iPhone has now found its way into some Vietnamese forum posters’ hands.  Unlike the Gizmodo bloggers, however, these people had no worries about damaging the phone and took it apart to reveal whatever wasn’t already known.  At this point we’re left wondering if Apple will have anything left to surprise us with when the new iPhone launches next month.

Read on for more details, lots of photos, and a video of the next-gen iPhone.


The new prototype doesn’t indicate anything new on the features end, so check out our article on the first leaked iPhone prototype for info on the 4th-gen model’s features (including a new front-facing camera, LED flash, high-resolution screen, and more).


We can now confirm that the new iPhone is based on Apple’s A4 processor, which (in 1 GHz form) powers the iPad.  It’s a fast chip, but being based on the same ARM Cortex A8 architecture as the iPhone 3GS, the new iPhone’s processor certainly isn’t going to blow away the competition.  In the last few months, HTC has released phones like the HD2 and EVO 4G that run on Qualcomm’s 1 GHz Snapdragon chip, and it looks like the new iPhone will at best match their performance.

The real issue is that by the end of 2010, we’ll see several phones with much more powerful, next-generation processors like Nvidia’s Tegra 2, so unlike the last three generations of iPhones, which packed among the processors available when they launched, the new one will very soon be outdated in its hardware specs.  To learn more about mobile processors, check out our Smartphone Processor Guide.


The first leaked prototype was said to have 80GB of flash memory (presumably through 16GB and 64GB chips internally) and was marked externally as “XX GB.”  The new prototype has 16GB of space and is labeled as such.


Of course, processing power isn’t everything.  The fourth-generation iPhone sports a slim new design much sleeker than that of the 3G/3GS.  The second prototype looks virtually identical to the first except for one detail– it no longer has screws at the bottom:



Source: Taoviet, Tinhte

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