HTC HD2 spotted running Windows Phone 7 Series, TomTom Navigator

Looks like the HTC HD2 will support Windows Phone 7 Series after all.  HTC’s flagship Windows Mobile phone meets all the hardware requirements for Windows Phone 7 Series (1 GHz Snapdragon CPU, capacitive multitouch screen, etc.) except the buttons (WP7 requires back, start, search, and camera keys– the HD2 is missing a search and camera key). came across an HD2 running a test version of 7 Series and reports that it was very snappy- much faster than the phone is under Windows Mobile 6.5.  The Zune media app apparently wasn’t working, but, interestingly, the phone seems to be running TomTom’s Navigator GPS software (see the icon in the start screen).

Update: We’re not so sure on this one.  Some of the text labels are different from what we saw at the MWC unveiling, and Microsoft seemed to indicate that background wallpapers, as seen here, would probably not be allowed.

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