CES Highlight: Projected Interfaces

One of the more interesting things to emerge from CES this year was a new generation of projected interface devices.  In the past, we’ve seen small contraptions that project a keyboard onto any flat surface, but now a company called evoMouse has taken the technology several steps ahead.  The new evoMouse Pet projects a virtual multi-touch touchpad onto any surface, allowing you to move the cursor, pinch to zoom, scroll, and more.  The evoMouse Cube adds on a projected keyboard as well.  Both devices are quite compact, connect via Bluetooth, and should work with Windows XP/Vista/7 PCs and Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, or Symbian-powered smartphones.  More pictures at Pocket-lint.  No word on pricing yet.

A UK firm, Light Blue Optics, took the concept even further with its Light Touch, demoing a larger device that projects a 10″ WVGA resolution touchscreen onto any surface.  The screen, which connects by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, uses infrared touch sensing and and will support multi-touch with a software update.  It comes with 2GB of on-board storage, a microSD slot for expansion, and a battery lasting 2 hours.

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