HTC HD2 Multi-Touch: A Closer Look


HTC’s upcoming new smartphone, the HD2, will be the first Windows Mobile device with a capacitive display.  The large 4.3″ LCD features the now-common WVGA (800×480) resolution, but more significantly, includes multi-touch recognition.  Windows Mobile cannot process more than one simultaneous screen input, so HTC has created its own software layer for this feature, similar to how it implemented the Zoom Bar and other controls in prior models like the Touch Pro 2, Touch Diamond 2, and others.

In the past, HTC’s software zoom functionality only worked in a few applications- Opera Mobile and HTC’s Album application, for instance.  The HD2, however, seems to sport application-independent zoom functionality.  It uses the screen buffer (an internally-stored image of what’s currently on screen) and enlarges it (via multiplying the pixels) to result in a zoom effect.  While this results in poorer quality (it’s like using the “digital zoom” on a camera), it does enlarge on-screen interface elements– important for Windows Mobile, which still has lots of small controls in various places.

More videos after the break:

Multi-touch in Pocket Informant:


Opera Mobile, HTC Mail, and more:


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